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Should Intel Agencies Have ‘Backdoor’ Access To Internet Messages?

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Priti Patel is an ardent Boris Johnson supporter. As the new Home Secretary, her first call is for the government to gain ‘backdoor’ access to all encrypted messages. The U.S.-led ‘Five Eyes’ intel alliance is meeting with her this week. 

Stories covered today:

New UK Home Secretary Wants ‘Backdoor’ Access To All Encrypted Messages

Green New Deal Would Cost At Least $250K Per Household In First Five Years

Marty The Grocery Store Robot Aggravates Shoppers, Employees

$20 Trillion Per Year Spent On Sustainable Development

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sustainable Development is rapidly degrading Capitalism and Free Enterprise with massive malinvestment to realize the Utopia-based 17 SDGs specified by the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

“Malinvestment is a mistaken investment in wrong lines of production, which inevitably lead to wasted capital and economic losses.” (Ludwig von Mises) Malinvestment causes booms and bubbles, which are currently seen throughout the world.

Stories covered today

Brookings: Global Spending On SDGs Now Exceeds $20 Trillion

Japan: Human-Animal Chimeras On Fast Track

July 29: The Day When Earth Ran Out Of Resources

Neom: Saudi Arabian Smart City 33X Larger Than New York City

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, July 29, 2019

A modern-day Babel is attempting to rise off the desert floor in the Mideast, intentionally built from the ground up with latest Smart City technology that will be run by robots and AI.

Stories covered today

Neom: World’s Largest Smart City Rises In Saudi Arabia

Population To Fall As U.S. Fertility Rates Hit ‘All-Time Low’

GMO: Move Over CRISPR, Here Comes LOCKR

When Tyranny Disguises Itself As Law-and-Order

Technocracy News & Trends for Friday, July 26, 2019

As police departments are further militarized and as training is increasingly degraded, overreactions are common and atrocities against innocent citizens are seen more frequently across the nation.

Stories covered today

John Whitehead: The Tyranny Of The Police State Disguised As Law-And-Order

Green New Deal, Affordable Housing And Climate Change

Private Surveillance Is Not Off Limits To Law Enforcement

Should All Americans Be Forced To Vaccinate?

Technocracy News & Trends for Thursday, July 25, 2019

The knee-jerk explanation for vaccine ‘deniers’ is that they are ignorant. Vaccine propaganda continuously parrots that the ‘science is settled’ and that all people should be forced to receive vaccinations

Stories covered today

The World Pants After UN’s New Urban Agenda

Vaccine Survey: 45% Of Americans Doubt Safety

Democrats Apply Hegelian Dialectic To Green New Deal


Free Trade Isn’t Free And It’s Been Killing Us For Decades

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, July 24, 2019

When the Trilateral Commission set about to create a New international Economic Order in 1973, so-called Free Trade blossomed as nations dropped their external tariffs that allowed multi-directional trade. Then, the trade deficits started in 1976 and stripped us bare. 

Stories covered today

How Free Trade Is (Still) Killing America

Study: Racial Bias Extends To Black And White Robots?

Green New Deal Activists Glue Themselves To Capitol

Technocracy: On The Road To Scientific Dictatorship

Key presentation on Technocracy to share widely!

This is the presentation that I delivered to a prestigious gathering of doctors and scholars attending the 37th Annual Doctors for Disaster Preparedness convention in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, July 20, 2019. The title was "Technocracy: On The Road To Scientific Dictatorship" and it gives a clear and reasoned appeal as to why Technocracy needs to be rejected by the American people. Please share this presentation with everyone you know, especially those who know nothing about Technocracy or scoff at it if they do. Let the hearers judge for themselves. 

Berkeley Is First City To Ban Natural Gas

Technocracy News & Trends for Thursday, July 18, 2019

When natural gas burns, it produces only C02 and water and is the cleanest of any hydrocarbon fuel. The city of Berkeley wrongly believes that C02 is a pollutant gas and therefore harms the environment.

Stories covered today

Berkeley, CA Bans Natural Gas From New Buildings

Boise City Hall Using Facial Recognition To Blacklist And Ban Residents

Bezos: Spends Billions On Space Because ‘We’re Destroying The Planet’

Climate Change Drives Social Engineering To Dominate Everything

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Let's blame everything on Global Warming instead of blaming ourselves. California forest fires? Global Warming. Cheap food? Causing Global warming. Species extinctions? Global Warming. Sharks in San Francisco Bay? Global Warming. This broadcast examines the illogic of it all.  

Stories covered today

Farms Are Climate Enemies And Must Be Radically Transformed

CA Fires: Forest Mismanagement Pawned Off On Climate Change

San Diego City Council Rules Guns Must Be Locked Up, Stowed Away



Jeffrey Epstein Showcases The Mind Of A Technocrat

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Epstein may represent the end result of science for science’ sake but without morality and ethics. His scientistic worldview is proven to be thoroughly bankrupt, and is but a signpost to the collapse of western civilization. In short, he exhibits the mind of a Technocrat!

Stories covered today

Jeffrey Epstein Showcases The Mind Of A Technocrat

Social Media Is Making Us Dumb, Angry And Addicted

When Big Tech And Big Government Partner To Track Everyone Everywhere