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Police Facial Recognition Systems Have Registered Over 117 Million Americans

Technocracy News & Trends for Thursday, May 16, 2019

Massive nationwide study in 2006 reveals that thirty-six percent of Americans are in a facial recognition database, and the number is growing rapidly. Law enforcement is mostly unregulated and agencies are free to drift toward a police state reality

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China Claims Its Social Credit System Has ‘Restored Morality’

US Police Capture 117 Million In Facial Recognition Systems

Eugenics: Will Gene Editing Make Rich People ‘Superior’

Warning: Technocracy Is Taking Over All Of Healthcare

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The entire health care industry has been disrupted from top to bottom by Technocrats who believe that their AI programs and their "system" know better how to treat you than your own doctor.

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When Health Care Is Run By Technocrats, Don’t Get Sick!

Joe Biden’s ‘Green Revolution’ Isn’t Good Enough For Ocasio-Cortez

Technocracy Unplugged: Jeff Bezos Wants To Colonize Space With 1 Trillion Humans

With Amazon in hot pursuit, UPS may be doomed

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, May 14, 2019

While Amazon seeks to obsolete human labor in its distribution business, its next target is delivery of those packages and the establishment of a massive network of ‘independent’ businesses. Is there any money in driving? Just ask an Uber or Lyft driver!

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Amazon Aims To Put UPS Out Of Business

AI 90% Accurate For Predicting Death By Heart Attack?

Modeling Technocracy: Garages Seen As ‘Urban Mobility Hubs’

Autonomous AI Drone Swarms Could Soon Rule The Borders

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, May 13, 2019

Threat analysis and decisions will be made autonomously using AI, notifying border patrol agents; however, this is a slippery slope that could all too easily be inducted into broad law enforcement practices. 

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Swarms Of AI Drones To Patrol Europe’s Borders

Transhuman Dreamin’: Immortality By ‘Biohacking’ With Blood Transfusions

Sick: Artificial Intelligence Set To Take Over Healthcare

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Plans Data Domination With Largest Supercomputer in the World

Technocracy News & Trends for Friday, May 10, 2019

Ex-Governor of Texas Rick Perry is now Sec'y of Energy in the Trump Administration. Perry was the ramrod for the Trans-Texas Corridor when President Bush's North American Union tried to integrate Mexico, Canada in the United States into a model resembling the European Union. Now, Perry is building the largest super-computer in the world to run AI. Why? Listen to this podcast to get the seedy background. 

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Where Technocrats Play: U.S. Department Of Energy

Goodbye World: AI Arms Race Headed Toward Autonomous Killer Robots

Experts: Latin America Using Chinese Tech To ‘Exert Social Control’

Surveillance is now about monitoring emotions, behavior and attitudes

Technocracy News & Trends for Thursday, May 9, 2019

With lack of regulations and legislation, ubiquitous surveillance is way beyond simple biometric identification and is now focussing on behaviors, including pre-crime analysis. Facial expressions, eye movements, gate, respiration, etc., are fed to AI algorithms to sense mood, personality and emotions.

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The Future Of Surveillance Is About Behaviors, Not Faces

The Guardian: Is China-Style Surveillance Coming To The West?

Privacy Concerns Grow As IoT Devices Light Up

Smart City Designs Are Copied From 50-Year Old Failures

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Toronto is learning the hard way about Public-Private Partnerships with the likes of Google-linked  Sidewalk Labs. Smart City construction in its Quayside district is costly compared to traditional urban design, and data privacy is still an open sieve.

Smart City designers are not urban planners by any means, and are copying failed designs from over 50 years ago. Their Utopia will fail again, just as certainly as it did by 1960.

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Smart City Startup Quayside Draws Fire Over Privacy And High Costs

Cash Is King: San Francisco To Ban Credit-Only Stores

Deployment Of Construction Robots Displacing Laborers

Big Pharma’s global program to punish Vaccine deniers

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Technocracy has teeth when you don’t agree with its phony science. Big Pharma has driven this vaccine hysteria from day one, turning it into a belief system devoid of facts. In 2015, Al Gore proposed to “punish climate-change deniers”. 

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Epic Fail: Universal Basic Income (UBI) Is A Waste Of Money

Punish Deniers: Germany Wants To Fine Anti-Vax Parents Up To $2,800

Alexa Has Been Eavesdropping On You The Whole Time

Globalism is Technocracy, Not Communism

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, May 6, 2019

Admittedly, Technocracy and Communism have some surface commonalities. For instance, they both manifest collectivism and both are autocratic as far as subjects are concerned. Technocracy is far worse, however, because it will result in a dystopian Scientific Dictatorship from which there is no escape.

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By Any Other Name, Globalism is Technocracy, Not Communism

Health Warning: The Risks Of 5G And Are They Worth Taking?

Darwin, Australia Adopts China’s Tech for Total Social Control

The Truth Behind Trump’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal

Technocracy News & Trends for Friday, May 3, 2019

Technocracy’s dream is to perfect the global supply chain by streamlining infrastructure. To that end, this deal is highly suspicious. Sec’y. of Transportation Elaine Chao’s father James sits on the board of directors of China State Shipbuilding Corporation and her sister Angela is a board member of Bank of China. The conflict of interest is beyond the pale, even as Trump makes this $2 trillion deal with his supposed arch-enemy and antagonist Charles Schumer who serves as Senate Majority Leader.

Don’t expect the pothole in front of your house to be fixed. The focus will be on cross-border trade and a tsunami of Public-Private Partnerships that give control of our infrastructure to global corporations.

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Trump Agrees With Dems On $2 Trillion Infrastructure

Feds Seek Permanent Renewal Of NSA Phone Surveillance Law

Pressure Builds In Oakland To Ban Facial Recognition Tech