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Berkeley Is First City To Ban Natural Gas

Technocracy News & Trends for Thursday, July 18, 2019

When natural gas burns, it produces only C02 and water and is the cleanest of any hydrocarbon fuel. The city of Berkeley wrongly believes that C02 is a pollutant gas and therefore harms the environment.

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Berkeley, CA Bans Natural Gas From New Buildings

Boise City Hall Using Facial Recognition To Blacklist And Ban Residents

Bezos: Spends Billions On Space Because ‘We’re Destroying The Planet’

Climate Change Drives Social Engineering To Dominate Everything

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Let's blame everything on Global Warming instead of blaming ourselves. California forest fires? Global Warming. Cheap food? Causing Global warming. Species extinctions? Global Warming. Sharks in San Francisco Bay? Global Warming. This broadcast examines the illogic of it all.  

Stories covered today

Farms Are Climate Enemies And Must Be Radically Transformed

CA Fires: Forest Mismanagement Pawned Off On Climate Change

San Diego City Council Rules Guns Must Be Locked Up, Stowed Away



Jeffrey Epstein Showcases The Mind Of A Technocrat

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Epstein may represent the end result of science for science’ sake but without morality and ethics. His scientistic worldview is proven to be thoroughly bankrupt, and is but a signpost to the collapse of western civilization. In short, he exhibits the mind of a Technocrat!

Stories covered today

Jeffrey Epstein Showcases The Mind Of A Technocrat

Social Media Is Making Us Dumb, Angry And Addicted

When Big Tech And Big Government Partner To Track Everyone Everywhere

The Radical Technocrat Pushing For Single-Payer Health Care

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, July 15, 2019

Berwick is the radical Technocrat that Democrats are turning to for health care makeover. He “believes passionately in a society ruled by a technocratic elite” where patients should be managed like a herd of animals.

Don’t mistakenly assume that the Technocrat mind is limited to one political party or the other. Technocracy cuts through all political parties and plans on the elimination of them all when it gains total control.

Stories covered today

5G And Internet Of Things To Create Unprecedented Surveillance

Donald Berwick: The Radical Technocrat Pushing Single-Payer

Claim: Cars Are Being Displaced By Electric Two-Wheelers

Bombshell: Global Warming Is NOT Caused by Man

Technocracy News & Trends for Friday, July 12, 2019

A team of scientists have concluded that man is NOT causing climate change. AOC, Justice Democrats, New Green Deal zealots and Technocrats everywhere will grind their teeth over this new research. The scientists concluded, “anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice.” 

Stories covered today

Green New Deal Scam Destroyed By New Scientific Study On Global Warming

All-Out War On Free Speech Launched By United Nations

Robots Come For Recycling Centers, Displacing Workers

Agenda 21: Pushed by Democrats AND Republicans since 1992

Technocracy News & Trends for Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Complete Streets Act being promoted in the Senate and House is straight out of the UN’s playbook for implementing Sustainable Development. Complete Streets is an initiative of Smart Grown America

The UN Agenda 21 has been heavily promoted by both Democrats and Republicans since 1992. Note Nancy Pelosi’s 1993 speech on the House floor.

Stories covered today

Democrats Driving Agenda 21/Smart Growth Legislation

Mission Impossible: Getting Rid Of Chinese Security Cameras

NASA Persists In False Claim That 97% Of Climate Scientists Agree On Global Warming

Jeffrey Epstein Was A Member Of The Trilateral Commission

Technocracy News & Trends for Wednesday, July 10, 2019

‘Birds of a feather, flock together.’ Some current and former members of the elitist Trilateral Commission who participated in Epstein’s follies are likely very nervous that he will ‘flip’ and expose their debauchery, if not their sexual felonies.

The Trilateral Commission was the principal architect of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21, using the United Nations to blanket the planet. The UN has had its own share of sexual scandals as well.

Stories covered today

Jeffrey Epstein: Former Member Of The Trilateral Commission

Public Concern Grows Over Sidewalk Labs’ Smart City Surveillance

Wozniak: Apple Cofounder Says ‘Delete Your Facebook Account!’

No, Technocratic Science Fiction is NOT reality

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Technocrat mind that is given over to such vain speculations should never be trusted to deliver scientific solutions that potentially effect all of society. It’s time for rational people to “just say no” to Technocrat schemes and dreams. 

Stories covered today

Scientists Claim: We Are Living In A Computer Simulation

Ripped: Pre-Crime AI Bigger Scam Than Psychic Detectives

Leaving France? Expect ‘Eco-Tax’ On Your Flight Out


FBI, ICE Search Hundreds of Millions of State DMV Photos

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, July 8, 2019

DHS implemented a national network of Fusion Centers between 2003 and 2007, that opened government access to hundreds of millions of driver photos without consent or legal authorization.

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FBI, ICE Turned DMV Photos Into Surveillance Behemoth

Cities Take Lead On Blocking Facial Recognition Tech

Navy Unleashed: Laser Weapons Will Change Warfare Forever

Cities Pushing Back On Surveillance and Pre-Crime AI Systems

Technocracy News & Trends for Friday, July 5, 2019

It is encouraging that some police departments are already beginning to drop pre-crime AI systems because they have not delivered the intended results, much less “preempting criminal activity.”

TN predicts that the city rush is on to ban facial recognition tech. In this case, Somerville got this right: “the public use of face surveillance can chill the exercise of constitutionally protected free speech.”

Stories covered today

Pre-Crime AI: ‘It Wasn’t Telling Us Anything We Didn’t know’

Somerville, MA: Second City Bans Facial Recognition Technology

San Francisco: Techies Who Transformed it, Hate It