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Has Britain Gone Mad With Climate Alarmism?

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, February 17, 2020

Censorship everywhere, Techno-Populism in Britain and then a British professor who wants all humanity to go extinct and leave the world to itself. You just cannot make this stuff up. 

Stories covered today

London Police Deploying Facial Recognition Cameras Across City

Technocracy: The Digital Panopticon Of The World Economic Forum

Medical Association Sues Rep. Adam Schiff For Censorship

The Great Academic Purge Of Skeptical Climate Scientists


Forget Brexit - Technocracy Is A Slam-dunk In Britain

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, February 10, 2020

Technocracy is making a great play for Britain with PM Boris Johnson going green as a Techno-Populist. Second, I analyze China and the coronavirus from a Technocracy point of view. Lastly, a great book review by international journalist, Alex Newman. 

Stories covered today

Alex Newman Reviews ‘Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order’

Boris Johnson Unleashes Green Hell On Post-Brexit Britain

Ordo Ab Chao: A Look At The Trilateral Commission

China: Life And Death In A Technocracy

Congress Moving Ahead To Fund ‘Green New Deal’

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, February 3, 2020

Congress is ignoring the Executive Branch's position on climate change and is racing forward to spend trillions to fund the Green New Deal proposed by AOC and Sen. Ed. Markey. 

The impact of the coronavirus goes far deeper than living or dying, and threatens to disrupt the delicate global supply chain, which in turn could disrupt finances and manufacturing.

Stories covered today

House Sneaks Green New Deal Spending Into Infrastructure Framework

Democrats Push National Climate Bank To Further ‘Green New Deal’

Coronavirus: An Analysis In Relation To Technocracy

Globalization Faces Disaster With Supply Chain Leaving China


Global Elite Square Up Behind Technocracy

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, January 27, 2020

It's unmistakable and undeniable. The global elite, including the Bank for International Settlements, central banks, the World Economic Forum and even Pope Francis/Catholic Church, have all taken the swan dive into the deep end of Green Economy, Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.

Stories covered today

Pope Francis Calls For ‘New Economy’

WEF Debuts Framework For Central Bank Digital Currency

Financial Crisis: BIS Warns On ‘Green Swan’ Climate Event

Collapsed: NJ Vaccine Bill To End Religious Exemptions Rejected

Telecoms facing uphill battle on 5G rollout

Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, January 20, 2020

You will never see or hear about success stories of 5G protests or blocking legislation, yet there are dozens of nations throwing up roadblocks over the potential health risks of electromagnetic radiation and over data privacy. 5G is not a fait accompli. 

Stories covered today

Telecoms Face Major Global Resistance To 5G Rollout

Killer Robots: Still No International Laws To Govern Their Use

China’s Doom: Birthrate Lowest Since Founded In 1949


Arizona State University Promotes Regionalism For Smart City Tech

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Regional governance is the arch-enemy and destroyer of a “republican form of government” as guaranteed to the states by the U.S. Constitution. ASU started the “Smart Region Initiative” that will impose Smart City policies throughout the region.

The president of Arizona State University, Dr. Michael Crow, is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CIA’s private venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel. SRI is essentially modeled after In-Q-Tel to provide tech ‘incubators’ and ‘sandboxes’ to advance experimental Smart City technology and policies throughout the Phoenix region. SRI is also partnered with the Maricopa Association of Governments to help impose its policies upon 22 cities and 4.2 million people while bypassing duly elected city councils.

To say that SRI is a swarm of unelected and unaccountable Technocrats is an understatement. Furthermore, SRI is attracting other Technocrat companies from all over the world. 

Stories covered today

‘Complete Streets’ Programs Are Sweeping Over American Cities

CFR Pushes Central Planning to Fuse Education With Economy

ASU Leads Nation In Unconstitutional ‘Smart Region’ Scheme

Nine Key Technocracy Forecasts For 2020

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, January 6, 2020

A key element to total surveillance is geospatial tracking (GeoInt) and monitoring of everything that moves. GeoInt was originally developed by the military for the military, but now it will power Smart Cities around the globe.

The embedded videos are critical for you to watch and contemplate. Take them to all of your locally elected officials and show them WHY they should reject Smart City makeover. 

Lastly, I offer nine 2020 forecasts as I see it through the lens of Technocracy. 

Stories covered today

Andrew Yang: The Techno-Populist Candidate

U.S. Birth Rate Continues Dropping In 42 States

‘I Am Geospatial’ And I Will Track You Forever…

Erskine Overnight: The Twelve Days of Technocracy


Technocracy News & Trends for Monday, January 6, 2020

Erskine Overnight did a great radio interview on my series, The Twelve Days of Technocracy that I wrote before Christmas. We cover as much as possible in 39 minutes. Note that the radio ads had to be left in the audio stream.


How the US Lost Control Over The Internet

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, December 31, 2019

In 2016, I wrote Technocracy: The Real Reason Why The UN Wants Control Over The Internet and explained why President Obama purposely failed to renew the contract with ICANN to serve U.S. Interests. Now, you see the result.

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport has a clear understanding of modern and historic Technocracy, and is able to paint a crystal-clear word picture on where it is taking us in the near future. Read this! 

Stories covered today

Rappoport: A Deeper Understanding Of Technocracy

U.N. Approves New Internet Convention Backed By Russia And China

Technocracy: The Real Reason Why The UN Wants Control Over The Internet


Days 11 and 12 of Patrick Wood’s 12 Days of Christmas Essays

Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Day 11: Techno-populism is a very timely observation because it describes much of what is happening in the Western world today. President Trump was elected on a Populist surge but promotes Technocrats to actually make things run.

Day 12: Americans have overcome seemingly insurmountable enemies in our past, but only to the extent that we came together as AMERICA and threw off the forces that sought to bury us. 

Stories covered today

Day 11: Technocracy And The Rise Of Techno-populism

Day 12: Rejecting Technocracy


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