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International Interview with Elze van Hamelen

This is a wide-ranging interview on Technocracy and the European Union. We discussed immigration, deconstruction, deregulation, various crisis and transhumanism. Very worthwhile discussion. 

Grand Jury Day 6 - Patrick Wood

The topic of this section of testimony is "Eugenics and Outlook". My presentation covers the genetic modification of all living things, its history and its perpetrators. 

Grand Jury Day 5 - Patrick Wood

This presentation answered the question, "Was the pandemic intended to destroy/disrupt the global economic system?"

Patrick Wood’s 2022 Forecast

Technocracy made huge strides in 2020-2021, but will it continue in 2022? I take a look at social engineering, mass formation, the levers of control and potential events in 2022. 

Beware 2022: Technocracy’s War Against Humanity Set To Continue

Patrick Wood interviewed by Dr. Dave Janda on1-2-22

Dr. Dave Janda interviews me once a month on his live radio weekly show on Sunday on WAAM Radio from Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can visit his website at

Wood Interviewed on Geopolitics and Empire

Patrick Wood gives us an update on how he thinks the technocratic Great Reset is faring, which earnestly began in 2020 with the pandemic declaration. Elites felt they had achieved a tipping point worth of objectives allowing them to proceed. Until capitalism and free-market economics are destroyed, Davos cannot Build Back Better. Patrick fears we are on the cusp of economic collapse led by either a black swan or the disintegration of the global supply chain, which was built as part of a move toward globalization in the 1970s by groups like the Trilateral Commission. If the supply chain fails, the global economy fails. The scientific dictatorship of total control envisioned by the elites is sold via innocuous slogans such as Agenda 21/2030 and Sustainable Development. He most fears the global collapse of the internet (cyber pandemic) which could lead to a cashless society and the tokenization of all wealth and assets by the central banks. He agrees that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a globalist Trojan horse. This system is not communism or socialism. He comments on the Digital ID/Passport/Social Credit system now being developed in all countries and thinks free speech is our absolute last line of defense. We also ponder whether we are living in the Book of Revelation.

Financial Sense Interview with Patrick Wood, Part I

Cris Sheridan's introduction: 

For the last several decades or more there has been a major shift in how the global economy and markets function. Many people feel and know this to be true—as if we’ve entered a whole brave new world—but aren’t quite sure what to call it. Some have said that we no longer operate under capitalism and that instead we should call it creditism, where the strict control of credit flowing through the financial system drives the global economy. There are many other “isms” as well that may operate more or less in a given region—socialism or totalitarianism, for example. But there is one above all others, especially in light of what we see today, that has come to be the reigning paradigm across all facets of the global economy, markets, and society…and that is technocratism. FS Insider speaks with Patrick Wood, the world’s foremost leading expert and author on this subject, who has detailed its history, evolution, and ongoing implementation. His most popular book is titled Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. Listen in as we discuss the rise of technocracy in a post-Covid world.

Interview on censorship with Patrick Wood

The question is censorship and free speech. Government force is being used to intimidate citizens over free speech rights. 

Censorship Ramps Up with Physical Force

Two years ago, censorship was passive and non-violent in the sense that badges, guns and battering rams were not part of the experience. This is changing now as the FBI has been weaponized against law abiding citizens who are protesting against education malpractice and vaccine mandates. 

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